Photo: A fat white woman dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid with a purple seashell and green sequin tail. Google Images.

Shapely showgirl, fat mermaid

Plump Pinup Life & Style chronicles corpulent couture, queer community and street sartorialists from the glamour positive perspective of queer femme fatshionista The Lady Anita Butch. This big beauty’s personality and stage presence shine almost as bright as her sequined panties. As a singer, storyteller, burlesque dancer, comedienne, writer, and mermaid impersonator, nobody  ever knows what to expect from this performer except to be entertained.

Before reading this blog, prepare yourself for lots and lots of sequins, glitter and full-on fabulousness in the form of outfit of the day posts, street fashion photos, how-to guides, sewing and DIY projects, vegan goodness, fatspiration, burlesque paraphernalia  and whatever else I’m doing or enjoying.

With Plump Pinup Life & Style, I’m combining many of the things I love: fashion, queers, community and documentation. So much of our queer culture is centered around appearance. Visual cues set off our gaydar. We revere glamour and celebrate sequins. Getting dressed is an event in and of itself. Our clothes, hairstyles, makeup are all read as signifiers of gender and sexual roles. The gold standard of our social currency is sexual attractiveness, and the most physically desirable members of the community are often regarded as the most valuable. What we put on — and take off — matters.

Photo: Being fat with red hair and cateye glasses and wearing an ASOS Curve red lace and sequin dress at Salonathon at Beauty Bar Chicago. Photo source: Google Images, Molly FitzMaurice

Too cute in my singing suit

Besides, we always sartorially shine. You won’t find a more creative of best dressed community than queers. These are our people, the people who really appreciate a fancy frock paired with gratuitous glitter. As a fashion enthusiast, how could I not document it?

Not sure where to go from here? Check out the OOTD category for photos of me or the street fashion category for photos of friends. The announcements category has upcoming appearances, and the shop page links to my couturière and vintage resale sites. And this post explains why I’m celebrating my body without apology.

I use Plump Pinup to blog about what’s in my closet, but I blog about being out of the closet at Stuff Queer People Need To Know.


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