2014: Lez not fuck it up

2014 rainbow new year's eve Image source: Google Images

I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, but I do love a good life plan and setting goals. Lots and lots of goals. Outlining and visualizing what I’d like (and need) to accomplish not only helps with my anxiety but makes my aspirations that much more attainable because I know exactly what I need to do to accomplish them. So here’s a nonhierarchical rundown of my expectations and potential achievements for 2014. Lez not fuck it up!

  1. Stretch every single day. When I was doing shows regularly I stretched out everyday to keep my flexibility and work on my moves, but lately I’ve only been limbering up when I feel tight. My routine takes about 10 minutes and makes my body feel great — I really don’t have an excuse not too.
  2. Organize my music collection. Because it really bothers me that none of my songs have album art or any sort of organization really at all.
  3. Write every single day. I have lots and lots of ideas and stories in my head, but very little motivation to get them out on the page. I’m going to try to spend at least 5 minutes writing something everyday, hoping that will ignite longer writing sessions.
  4. Control my food portions better, especially when it comes to junk food and sweets. I eat lots of fruits and veggies, but if a package of Oreos finds it way into my apartment, it’s got a 12-hour shelf life, max. And absolutely no more pop, which I only ever crave when I’m noshing on salty snacks.
  5. Blog twice a week. I’ve been neglecting my blogs lately. I’m usually running late, so I skip setting up my camera and taking OOTD photos. And I’ve been trying to unload my closet on eBay. But I definitely have time to blog, so I should be doing it at least twice a week. And figure out what to do with Stuff Queer People Need To Know.
  6. Brush my teeth twice a day. I really hate to brush my teeth, so I only do it at night. But when I do brush, I go all out, brushing with fluoride toothpaste on a battery-operated brush for two minutes, flossing between each tooth, and rinsing for 1 minute with mouthwash (also with fluoride). Besides, why do I really need to brush my teeth when I wake up? There’s been nothing in my mouth since I brushed my teeth before I went to bed. But after 20-something years cavity free, I’ve had 12 fillings in about three years. I need to cut back on sweets and step up my oral hygiene game to preserve my chompers, so I’m adding nightly fluoride treatments to my routine and a DIY plague scraping every two weeks.
  7. Buy only products that aren’t tested on animals or contain animal products, except when medically necessary. I have chronic asthma and allergies (read: weakened immune system), so staying on top of vaccinations and allergy shots are important, but many of them contain eggs. Another symptom of my illness is skin issues, and I use a medicated lotion with lanolin (but it’s not tested on animals!). But in all other instances, I will either find a vegan product or do without. Read more on vegan products here.
  8. Do with less. This goes with my previous goal, and it’s a toughie. Virtually everything we consume in America — from organic produce to clothing to electronics — was manufactured with modern-day slave labor somewhere along the way. Fair trade products are often very expensive and really, I already own too much crap, so I’m going to reduce my contribution to the demand for cheap goods manufactured in terrible conditions. I will make a valiant effort to acquire things second-hand whenever possible. (I already often do this to save money, but I want to take it to the next level.) And if I must buy something new, I will evaluate whether I really need the item or I just want it.
  9. Plan sober hangouts. I haven’t been going out much lately, so I haven’t seen friends very much. I often get very overwhelmed when I’m surrounded by large crowds brimming with intoxicated energy, so I need to made an effort to reach out to friends and plan low-key get-togethers.
  10. Try a new recipe every week. I’m the type of person who easily gets stuck in food ruts. I will eat the same thing for weeks on end  and then suddenly get sick of it and not eat it again for years. In an effort to combat my default tendencies and to broaden my culinary horizons, I want to try a new recipe each week with at least one ingredient I don’t typically use. Besides, my copy of Veganomicon really should do more than collect dust.

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