Mailbag: Responses to my body positivity blog on Thought Catalog

Photo: Pink mail box for mail bag post. Image source: Google ImagesAfter writing a post for Thought Catalog, I received an influx of emails regarding Plump Pinup Life & Style. Some of them are heartwarming, some of them are weird and some of them are downright creepy. I’ve never done a mailbag-type post on this blog, but I figured it was time to share some of my correspondence with you all.

Anyway, the following are actual letters from my inbox. It is posted here verbatim, with no edits. My comments are in italics. If you would like to contact me, please write to

Just wondering if you had any pics of you in a high enough resolution to be used as a desktop wallpaper, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like this 🙂
Name withheld

Is this a thing creeps do?

Just want to say, you’re sexy as all hell girl! Totally rockin it. You’re flying a much needed banner. Stay sassy! XX

I just adore you. You are so beautiful! I just wanted to tell you that.

Thanks! I appreciate the kind words and support! Not everyday is a good body positivity day, but I try to remember it’s all about loving your body as is and nurturing it.

Girl! I just read your post on Thought Catalog. Fuck it. As females we are always judged on our appearance. Fat, thin, pretty, tall, too smart, too vocal, fuck it. Each and every one of us will be judged. We are never good enough, we should always be something else, we can never compare. So you’re fat? And I’m not trying to get a pity party here but I’m mad thin. And it’s always “Girl, what’d you eat today?” My mother actually makes me list it off to her. “Girl how much do you weigh?” “Do you take vitamins, girl?” Fuck it, fuck them, be you, be me, be proud. We owe NOTHING to anyone. Only ourselves. Mad props, baby. We got this.

I couldn’t have written it better myself. My body? My business. Not your body? Not your business. No buts! No concern trolling!

It has been awhile since I’ve seen, talked or otherwise communicated with you. I stumbled upon your website because I was researching photo ideas for a pinup shoot I’m having done and well, I found you as a mermaid, shook my head with a smile and said, “That’s totally Anita.” I love that you’re going by your drag name BTW.

I love and appreciate what you’re doing with your site and your activism, brava lady! I’ve been dealing with body issues myself as of late. I’ve been losing weight for health reasons and although my curves will never go anywhere (they are genetic!) it’s hard to accept my fat girl self in a slowly shrinking body. I’m working through it, so not to worry. Your site was the pick me up I needed today. Way to kick ass and take names!

Whoa! Blast from the past. Chels, I appreciate you as a fellow voluptuous performer. I’m glad you’re taking care of your body in the best way for you. I’ve been trying to eat fresh foods and bike more because I feel better when I do those things both physically and mentally.

I know for me, no matter how much weight I may (or may not) lose, I will also be a fat girl on the inside. My best advice is love the body you have and treat it with respect and it will take you so many places. And if you ever need another pick-me-up, just look to your favorite body positive bloggers.

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