Queeries: Audio interview with Jen Richards on Trans 100 and trans community

Photo: Trans 100 photo cube Photo Source: Google Images, Buzzfeed

Jen Richards — fellow fierce femme , openly trans woman and founder of We Happy Trans — met with Joe Varisco to chat about the inaugural Trans 100.

Part of Varisco’s audio interview series with queer community king pins for JRV Majesty Productions, Richards takes listeners behind-the-scenes of producing the Trans 100 and explains the significance of honoring transgender people working in their community.

The Trans 100 kicked off with a launch party on Transgender Day of Visibility, including remarks by special guests Janet Mock and Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler, live performances by Namoli Brennet and Joe Stevens. It was hosted by KOKUMO.

“A lot of trans activists will talk about the Transgender Day of Remembrance, and I’ve seen a number of videos and read a lot of articles from white activists who never mention the fact that all the names on the list are women of color,” said Richards, during the interview. “If you are doing that, if you are co-opting that event to talk about violence against trans people, but you are not mentioning trans women specifically, trans women of color specifically or sex work specifically then you are failing.”

The complete 2013 Trans 100 list is available here.

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