Fatshionable photos from my trip to Cincinnati

I recently took a much-needed gaycation, splitting my time between my hometown of Cincinnati and Creating Change in Atlanta. I recharge whenever I go home to visit my queer family, and many of them accompanied me to Atlanta, where I was able to visit with people I dearly love but rarely get to be with in person.

Below are a few shots from my travels at home. Coverage of Creating Change in Atlanta — both the fashion and the conference — is coming soon.

Photo: Pink femme luggage. Photo source: Google Images

Traveling in femme fashion, with a pink suitcase, vintage train case and black backpack.

Photo: The Buch Bestie posing with me in drag. Photo source: Google Images

This is how Butch Bestie looked when I arrived, painted for Miss Drag You Out at Cabaret. I’m wearing a vintage khaki swing jacket.

Photo: Butch Bestie and Bee Listy at IHOP. Photo source: Google Images

“We’re the crappiest butches on Earth. I’m knitting. This one’s a drag queen. And by crappiest I mean awesomest because we do what we want.” — Beelisty

Photo: Geraldine the cat photo compilation. Photo source: Google Images

Geraldine Ferraro, the fantastic feline, loves a cat dancer.

Photo: The unicorn of just community banner. Photo source: Google Images

The unicorn of just community rides a C-paw surf board accompanied by a narwhal.

Photo: Rainbow row in Northside. Photo source: Google Images

Rainbow row in the Northside gayborhood.

Photo: RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Penny Tration, who was voted onto the show by viewers. Photo source: Google Images

Posing with Penny Tration, the people’s choice, at the RuPaul’s Drag Race season five premiere party at Below Zero. I’m wearing Chic Star’s plus size navy sailor dress in a size 28.

Photo: Skyline crackers. Google Images

Photo: Skyline Chili menu of 3-ways, 4-ways, 5-ways. Photo source: Google Images

A 3-way is just how I order my chili.

Photo: Cross stitched sampler of Deep Lez by Beelisty. Photo source: Google Images

Cross-stitched sampler of “deep lez,” courtesy of Beelisty.

Photo: Saying goodbye to Beelisty, as she sports her finest fancy butch style. Photo source: Google Images

Saying goodbye to Beelisty, as she sports her finest fancy butch style.

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