Announcements: Brain Frame 10 comics reading Jan. 18

Photo: An example of a color blind test with the number 10 in it for Brain Frame 10. Photo Source: Google Images, Brain Frame 10Brain Frame 10, the new year’s first performative comix reading, will feature six brave artists breathing fire into their creations, bringing them to new life. Witness miracles: a trembling science fiction, a devastation, a sweet song, a game, a meditation. All this and more courtesy of:

  • Marian Runk makes sweet and funny memoir comics. She will be reading and singing a selection of music-based short comics. (And I will have the honor of assisting her by reading different characters and making sound effects.) Her portion will definitely include queer themes. And the sample panel below is from my favorite portion of Runk’s latest work publication, chronicling her romantic relationships and musical exploration.Photo: A panel form Marian Runk's comic. Photo source: Google Images, Brain Frame, Marian Runk
  • Ezra Claytan Daniels, multi-media comics artist extraordinaire and founder of the Comic Art Battle, will be reading chapters 3 and 4 of his science-fiction serial created for tablet computers. Upgrade Soul, about an elderly couple and their malformed clones, is an iPad app – and the first chaper is free! Download it here to catch up before the show.
  • Sara Drake, two-time Brain Frame alumna, will present a collaboration with Aussie playwright Anna Barnes about ansomnia, the loss of taste and smell. This personal narrative, beautifully illustrated, debuted last fall at the Sydney Opera House as part of the GRAPHIC Festival.
  • Lyra Hill — bazillion-time Brain Frame alumna, MC, and founder — will read her new comic Banana Glove Game, about a small town distraction gone wrong. Banana Glove Game will be published in the upcoming all-comics issue of Lumpen.
  • Grant Reynolds, in his second Brain Frame performance, will lead the audience in an informative trance experience entitled Mind Body Sex: An Introductory Session to the Sexual Meditation Institute. Grant has been hard at work recording New-Age soundscapes to accompany his reading.
  • Andy Roche is a performance artist and filmmaker. He will present his first comics-based work, written expressly for Brain Frame.

Brain Frame 10 is on Friday, Jan. 18, at 9 p.m. at 1542 N. Milwaukee Ave., on the second floor. Enter for a suggested donation of $7.

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