OOTD: SWAK vintage-inspired Jessica dress

I wore this little number the other day to grab a bite with a friend and attend a gala connecting service providers to resources for transgender health care. While I was underwhelmed by resources at the event (There is an exhaustive list of trans health resources here.), at least I got to catch up with good friends.

Photo: OOTD SWAK vintage inspired red dress with navy blue coat. Google Images.
Outfit details

I love the cut and style of this vintage-inspired SWAK dress, but the fabric is very strange. It’s made of a somewhat stretchy synthetic that almost feels like a soft tarp material. I originally ordered this dress in a 4x, but exchanged it for a 2x because it was entirely too big. For $24.99, a dress in this style in my size is worth keeping, but the original $99 price tag is just astronomical for this cheap fabric.

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