Makeup Mastery: Pink argyle nails

I’ve been trying to get organized, and in that spirit, I added a salon-style nail polish organizer to my bathroom. So, I of course had to have a mini nail polish party to celebrate. I went with hot pink glittery nails with hot pink argyle on my ring finger. Classic!

Photo: Salon nail polish organizer with the polishes in rainbow order.

I used nail decals I picked up at the grocery store for $1 to get the argyle effect. These decals often have a short life span, so I recommend applying a coat of clear to the nail and letting it dry until it’s tacky, then placing the decal on top. Apply another coat of clear, and you’re good to go.

Photo: Pink argyle nail art. Google Images.
Photo: Posing with my pink argyle nail polish art. Google Images.

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